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Ouya to receive major UI overhaul later this month

Crowdfunded Android micro-console Ouya will get a little sleeker, a little slicker and a little less silly with a major UI update this month.

Engadget reports the new interface is due before the end of November, and was put together by an all new designer.

Its main goal is to make it easier to find games; as with every new online game store, Ouya's has been criticised for its discoverability and navigational problems.

System menus will be noticeably smaller, making game art more visible, and you'll be able to bring up menus with a quick button press.

The update also adds some new features - the ability to queue games for download remotely, and support for USB storage devices.

It's not clear if this overhaul is the one known as Ouya 2.0, which was promised back in October but not expected until 2014.

Thanks, Polygon.

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