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Outed: Rayman Origins for DS + Wii - Time Crisis, Sonic Generations for 3DS

Whoever publishes the listings for Gamestop should possibly tighten up security a bit, given that the latest New Release sheet contains not one, but three reveals that we weren't really expecting.

Rayman Origins

Firstly, on-rails shooter Time Crisis is coming to the 3DS, the first time the franchise has appeared on a Nintendo handheld. This could be an adaptation of one of the two iPhone releases, or it could be a totally new title.

It'll be joined on the 3DS by Sonic Generations, a revelation which is making many gamers a bit pleased. Previously announced only for Xbox 360 and PS3, reception had been lukewarm. It's anticipated that the 3D display will perk up the game's not-so-great moments, with the game perfectly suited to the handheld.

The biggest surprise though is that Rayman Origins is headed for the Wii and the DS. We'd been thinking both of those consoles had been superceded by now, but this is an interesting move, if Project Cafe turns out to be backwards compatible (and why wouldn't it be?).

Destructoid observes that this could potentially "max out" Nintendo's potential userbase, even if it's not convincing gamers to buy the latest and greatest hardware. Interesting move, Nintendo!

For the rest of the listings, head to Go Nintendo, and put your reading glasses on.

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