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Original The Crow director doesn't seem happy about the upcoming remake: "the fan’s response speaks volumes"

"I really don’t get any joy from seeing negativity about any fellow filmmakers work."

Bill Skarsgard is in The Crow, he has dark makeup around his eyes, tattooes on his chest, he is putting a dark trench coat on as he looks at himself in a mirror.
Image credit: Lionsgate

Following the release of the trailer of the upcoming The Crow remake, the original film's director has expressed his disappointment at its existence.

Last week, the first trailer for the Rupert Sanders directed remake of The Crow was released, giving everyone a first look at Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven in action. But Alex Proyas, director behind the 1994 classic original, recently shared his thoughts on his Facebook page about the new film in a now private post (via Variety). "I really don’t get any joy from seeing negativity about any fellow filmmakers work," wrote Proyas. "And I'm certain the cast and crew really had all good intentions, as we all do on any film.

"So it pains me to say any more on this topic, but I think the fan's response speaks volumes. ['The Crow'] is not just a movie. Brandon Lee died making it, and it was finished as a testament to his lost brilliance and tragic loss. It is his legacy. That’s how it should remain."

For those that might not know, as mentioned by Proyas, Brandon Lee, the son of martial artist and iconic actor Bruce Lee unfortunately died on the set of The Crow after being fatally shot by a prop gun. The film was obviously finished in the end, but it had to be completed using a stunt double and digital effects. It actually went on to do quite well commercially and critically, and was dedicated to Lee. His death went on to lead the industry towards stricter safety measures on sets, to avoid a repeat of what happened to Lee.

Since YouTube removed the ability to see dislikes it's been hard to gauge how people feel at a quick glance, though looking at the comments you can see that many aren't all that enthused about the remake. Whether it will be broadly well received or not remains to be seen, but we'll know closer to the film's release date of June 7, later this year.

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