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Open source jailbreak released for PS3


Oh dear. Another PS3 jailbreak, known as PSGroove, has been released.

Seen as an easier alternative to PS Jailbreak, PSGroove can easily be downloaded and transferred onto a USB dev key.

We're not going to link to it. Guess why.

According to DF, the new addition can be "injected into the PS3 to re-route Blu-ray traffic to either the internal hard drive or an external device have been removed - this means that the ability to play 'back-up' games simply isn't possible in the open source version of the hack, although there is nothing to stop the less scrupulous swapping in the original PSJailbreak payload.

"Secondly, the developers have removed code found in the original Jailbreak that locks up the console if the dongle is removed, meaning it is safe to remove the homebrew version of the device whenever you want."

The creator of the original PS Jailbreak had warned previously the software was copied and urged people to buy the original.

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