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Ono: Darkstalkers reboot petition needs to hit at least 500k, SF x Tekken 3DS port "next step"

Capcom fighting boss Yoshinori Ono has said the company won't "raise its eyebrow" to rebooting long dormant fight series Darkstalkers until a petition to bring it back hits at least 500,000 signatures.

Speaking to EG ahead of tonight's 3DS launch in London, Ono said that even now that it has hit 100,000 signatures, Capcom still isn't interested.

"We have to keep on going," he said. "At the moment in Capcom's statistics, I've heard [the number of requests have] gone over 100,000. But it's far from a million. We need to keep on going.

"One day, if it goes half a million, Capcom may raise its eyebrow a little bit and I could do what I did in London in 2007 when I announced the comeback of Street Fighter."

Ono continued: "In the near future, with your help, it may become true. It's on its way, because we're pretty much where we were with Street Fighter a few years back. So keep it up."

Street Fighter x Tekken 3DS port the "next step"

Ono also told EG that, just like Super Street Fighter IV, a 3DS port of Street Fighter x Tekken - a home console title to date - could be a possibility. And although nothing concrete has been considered as yet, it should be the "next step."

"It used to be that you had to go to an arcade machine, pay money and play it. Then it came to home console and you could play it in front of your TV. Now you can play Super Street Fighter IV anywhere if you've got a 3DS," Ono said.

"I think that's an amazing thing. The next step would be to have Street Fighter x Tekken, which is the celebration of all top fighting gamers' dreams in one, to be on 3DS, where you can play anywhere you want."

"That's an ultimate idea. Personally speaking, it should happen. We should probably start making more noise about this. But officially, nothing has been considered yet."

Street Fighter x Tekken doesn't have a date, but more information is expected on the PS3 and 360 fighter at Captivate next month despite Capcom refusing to confirm earlier this week if it would be there.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is a launch title for 3DS, which goes on sale at midnight tonight.

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