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Oculus looking at an "all-in price" of $1,500 for both the headset and a PC

The Oculus Rift VR headset will run customers around the $1,500 mark if they purchase a new PC alongside of it, according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

Speaking at the annual Code Conference this week, Iribe said the figure he quoted was the "all-in price."

“We are looking at an all-in price, if you have to go out and buy a new computer and you’re going to buy the Rift," he said via Recode. "At most you should be in that $1,500 range."

Iribe said he would like the price to come down to $1,000 as time progressed.

Oculus has yet to announce a price for the headset which the company expects to release in early 2016.

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