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Obsidian helping Allods Team assemble American team for westernized version of Skyforge MMO

Obsidian has said its role in the Skyforge MMO from Allods Team is to help the firm "assemble an American team," which will develop a westernized version.

Speaking with Eurogamer at Rezzed, Chris Avenllone said it's not Obsidian's staff which is working on the game, it's just pointing the Allods folks in the right direction.

"What we're doing is we know developers in the area that are familiar with this type of game; we can help you assemble a team, give you office space to work on that, provide the IT support, give design advice if necessary," he said.

"But, overall, we know people that can help you guys out, so we'll assemble a small group at Obsidian to do it, and then we'll just go from there." announced the Skyforge MMO back in May during the Russian Game Developer’s Conference, during which Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart called the project “interesting and promising."

The MMO is slated for release on PC in 2014.

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