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Latest Capcom Pro Tourney accidentally used wrong version of Street Fighter

The latest Capcom Pro Tournament event was the scene of an embarrassing/amusing occurrence.


The NorCal Regionals, a Capcom-sponsored Street Fighter 4 tournament, was held in California over the weekend. During a match between players Ricky Ortiz and Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis, the players started noticing some discrepancies, things that were no longer present in the current version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, according to The Daily Dot.

Tournament organisers discovered that the version being used was not the most updated one. Not only that, but four matches between the top 16 finishing players had already been played using the older version. The decision was then made to nullify the results of said matches and ask competitors to replay them.

Only one of the four matches saw a different outcome.

John Choi, of the organisers, explained what happened in a lengthy Twitter post. Choi said that he personally made sure that all Ultra Street Fighter 4 versions were patched to version 1.04. Digital versions that is, because the Xbox console that these games were played on had an Ultra Street Fighter 4 disc in it, which made the console default to that version of the game.

"I am truly sorry for this mistake as it has impacted the integrity of NCR and the tour," Choi said. "The mental and emotional pressure of having to replay the matches again was completely unfair to them."

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