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No Man's Sky Waypoint update gives free starship and Multi-Tool to Switch players, here’s how to redeem

Players hopping into No Man’s Sky via Nintendo Switch before November 7 can claim the rewards.

Just a few days ago, Hello Games’ Sean Murray detailed what No Man’s Sky 4.0 update would look like in an interview with PCGamer. We’re already well aware of what’s in store, and that’s various adjustments to make the game welcoming for newcomers or returning players, or simply more engaging for veterans who believe they’ve done it all.

Catch the trailer for the Waypoint update for No Man's Sky right here.

This includes a relaxed mode, and a survival mode, both of which offer easier and harder difficulties depending on what type of player you are. On top of that, there’s performance improvements, increased inventory space, and of course, perhaps the biggest accompaniment of the whole 4.0 update, the space-exploration title has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch.

That said, those playing the game on Nintendo Switch will not only be able to explore the vast expanse of space with responsive touch controls in handheld mode, they’ll also be able to bag themselves some freebies for supporting Hello Games’ survival game on the handheld.

What are the freebies, exactly? Well, if you jump into No Man’s Sky on the Switch, you’ll be able to collect a Horizon Vector NX starship, and the Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool. These two rewards both have a rather striking resemblance to the default Switch Joy-Con colours, being a combination of red and blue.

Horizon Vector NX starship and Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool: The exclusive rewards for No Man's Sky players on Nintendo Switch
These rewards are rather fitting.

This makes them quite the cool cosmetic when roaming around galaxies from your Nintendo Switch, if you ask me! To retrieve these rewards, all you need to do is simply connect to the No Man’s Sky Switch servers, by logging into the game from the console.

This isn’t all for the Waypoiny update, either. Visual effects have been overhauled, the catalogue has been refreshed for clarity, and loads of other quality of life tweaks and improvements have been added to the game. Put it this way, No Man’s Sky has come a very long way since 2016; it’s virtually unrecognisable. More importantly, it’s fantastic, and one of the best survival games out there right now.

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