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Switch 2, what Switch 2? Nintendo won't comment on a successor as Switch hits huge sales number

You won't be surprised to hear Mario Kart 8 is still doing well.

The Nintendo Switch is still doing just fine, as it's now reached 132 million units sold, but CEO Shuntaro Furukawa still isn't talking about a Switch 2.

Earlier today, Nintendo shared its latest financials report, where it shared all sorts of numbers, including a set that shows Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild combined have sold almost as much as the entire rest of the Zelda series. Of course, the big question on everyone's minds is a potential, and highly rumoured, Switch 2. Surprising no one, Nintendo wouldn't comment on any plans it might have, as reported by Bloomberg.

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"The Switch is different from past hardware," Furukawa said. "It has the ability to give rise to different kinds of new demand."

As translated by Eurogamer, Japanese outlet Mainichi reported that Furukawa also denied recent rumours to do with the Switch 2. "Rumours are circulating mainly on the internet as if they were public information, but they are inaccurate," he said. Eurogamer had previously reported that Nintendo showed a version of its next bit of hardware to developers at this year's Gamescom, apparently showing Epic Game's The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engnie 5 tech demo, as well as a slightly souped up version of Breath of the Wild.

Important to bear in mind is that it's pretty par for the course for Nintendo to deny things no matter the situation. It literally denied the existence of the DS Lite a single day before it was revealed, so Nintendo denying things doesn't mean they aren't true (with the opposite being the same too).

In terms of other recent games Nintendo has released, Pikmin 4 has apparently sold 2.61 million units, making it the top-selling game in the series. Obviously it's a far cry from Tears of the Kingdom's now 19 million units, but hey, for Pikmin that's pretty good! The DLC for Mario Kart 8 has also boosted sales there, having shifted another 3.22 million units in this financial year.

Essentially, Nintendo is doing quite alright for itself despite its current console clearly being at the end of its life-span.

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