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Ninja Gaiden 3 reviews split opinion, get rounded up

Reviews of Tecmo Koei's Ninja Gaiden 3 have just gone live, and the scores range from a 3 right up to an 8. The game has clearly polarized the press.

IGN really didn't have much love for the title, calling it "one of the worst games the action genre has yet suffered" while the guys at OXM UK say it has a "rock-solid combat system."

Ninja Gaiden 3 marks the first outing for bloodthirsty ninja Ryu Hayabusa without his creator Tomonobu Itagaki at the helm. After 16 years he and Tecmo Koei did not part on amicable terms, and he dragged key members of the Ninja Gaiden team with him to new start-up Valhalla Game Studios.

Check out the scores below, and if you have any to add whack them in the comments and I'll add them in.

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