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Ninja Gaiden 3 adds an element of remorse

Ninja Gaiden 3 will let you transform into a fire dragon, able to kill everybody in the room and absorb their life energies. And while it'll dispatch everybody double-quick, you may start second-guessing your attack.

Siliconera got their hands on the game in London, a copy of the Tokyo Game Show build previously being displayed in Japan. Ryu apparently had no problems dismembering machinegun-carrying soldiers, right up until one crucial moment.

A quick-time event is triggered just in time for the crucial, finishing move, as the enemy drops his guard, cowers in a corner and pleads "don't kill me!".

These unarmed adversaries can be either slaughtered or left alone - and if you're the callous type who enjoys killing defenseless characters, they won't even fight back (but you'll have to catch them - they do have a tendency to crawl away).

So - therein lies the problem. The game does not differentiate between enemies who are actively trying to kill you, and those who are crying in the foetal position over to the side, there. In normal combat, not such a drama. Turning into a giant flaming dragon however, will indiscriminately exterminate everybody in the room.

The choice is yours - and that's just how Yosuke Hayashi likes it.

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