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Nightdive Studios appears to be teasing a remaster of The Thing

No one could've predicted this one, but we're glad it's real.

The Thing video game
Image credit: Konami

Update: After rumours and teases circuated about a remaster of The Thing by Nightdive Studios, an official reveal trailer has been officially revealed at IGN Live. You can watch the trailer yourself down below.

Here's the new trailer in all its glory.Watch on YouTube

Ahead of June 7-9's IGN Live event, Nightdive Studios teased from its official X account the new reveal in a not-so-subtle way.

Even without the help of more eagle-eyed gamers and fans of John Carpenter's 1982 horror masterpiece, it's not hard to arrive at the conclusion that they're indeed openly suggesting a remaster of The Thing, which was a sequel of sorts to the movie, is coming. Now that we've got the official confirmation, eagle-eyed fans have reason to celebrate their theorycrafting and wits.

This release marks yet another example of an overlooked retro game stuck in old consoles and/or without legal distribution on PC nowadays making a shiny comeback. Nightdive has traditionally excelled at going through publishers and developers' dusty drawers and rescuing cult classics before giving them nifty upgrades and releasing them across modern systems. It's the kind of preservation we'd like to see more of, and only Aspyr comes to mind as another company running that sort of operation on such a large scale and over many years.

The Thing's reception back in 2002 wasn't especially glowing, but it fell on the 'thumbs up' group of movie-to-game adaptations. Surprisingly, it moved the story forward instead of backwards, unlike the middling 2011 prequel movie, and that meant giving fans the developers' answer to the original movie's legendary and utterly ambiguous ending, which saw Kurt Russell's MacReady and Keith David's Childs as the sole survivors of the nightmare, but doubting whether each other was the titular alien monster/virus in disguise.

Besides its narrative ambitions, Computer Artworks' game was a perfectly fine third-person shooter with survival horror elements and some unique mechanics that took advantage of the movie's premise, so we're excited to see how this remake turns out.

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