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Nightdive Studios gives us a first look at System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

The System Shock remake is due out at the end of the month.

Nightdive Studios has offered us our first look at System Shock 2: Enhance Edition, a new version of the game being brought to "next-generation consoles for the first time."

It seems like we're constantly waiting for some kind of System Shock to release, in particular the System Shock remake - which should be out May 30, just over a week away (though only on PC). Now Nightdive Studios has given us another System Shock title to look forward to, this time the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2. The developer showed off a first look trailer earlier this week, which really seems to be upholding the look of the original game, just with modern crispness and frame rates.

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According to the trailer's description, "System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition was created with the goal of reverse engineering the original code to port SS2 to the KEX Engine and made available on next-generation consoles for the first time… All cinematics, textures, characters and weapon models have been updated, and the Co-Op Multiplayer has been overhauled to create a seamless experience."

As well as that, there's some good news for those that like to play the original game with mods, as Nightdive Studios says it has "also partnered with the community to integrate all the best mods and updates." Genuinely nice to see a project that seeks to allow that aspect of video game history to persist.

While the System Shock remake is finally due out at the end of the month, there's no release date of any kind when it comes to System Shock 2: Enhance Edition. Though if you pre-order the remake of the original game, you'll also get the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2 for free.

The System Shock remake has seen multiple delays and was originally supposed to release in March, but was delayed to May, with the console release of the game delayed indefinitely, so be sure to keep an eye out on any updates from Nightdive.

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