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Nielsen study indicates mobile games aren't "cannibalizing gaming time"

According to a recent Nielsen study, mobile games is helping bolster engagement in console gaming. Apparently, players above the age of 13 are engaging with gaming for more than six hours a week, which is up 12% from 5.6 hours from 2012. 50% of the surveyed gamers stated that they played mobile games, which is up from the 46% reported in the previous year. 

nielsen chart 1

The amount of time spent on each platform has shifted in the last few years to make room for the mobile space. Mobile gaming now takes up 19% of an individual's time gaming, up from the 13% reported in 2012.

Essentially, though players are spending more time playing mobile games, the amount of time they're spent engaging in gaming content overall is also rising. Essentially, it indicates that players aren't necessarily moving away from consoles or PC to play mobile games, but just allotting more time to playing games in general.

Nielsen's put together these nifty charts to make the numbers a little easier to visually comprehend:


nielsen chart 2

nielsen chart 3


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