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Next Banjo will "expand" Nuts & Bolts concept, "crazy ideas" planned for next game

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Speaking to CVG, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts senior animator Ellissa Miller has dropped a heavy hint that a sequel's on the cards.

"[Nuts & Bolts] is like an introduction to what we could do," she told the site.

"If we went on and did some more then we could push it. If it was accepted and people enjoyed it then we could definitely push it in a much bigger direction. This is like an opening to a new type of gaming I guess."

Lead technical artist Neill Harrison added: "Greg [Mayles, lead designer - Ed] did have a few crazy ideas [for the next game]... I'll probably get in trouble if I mention them. I think if [Nuts & Bolts] was successful we've definitely got a load of ideas for what we could do next with the same sort of concept but expand it out.

"But we're just trying to finish this one. People ask us what we're going to do next... I want to go on holiday."

More through the link.

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