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New UK GTA IV hands-ons published

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We're getting a bit bored of this now. Two new UK impression pieces on GTA IV here and here.

"Grand Theft Auto IV is looking superb," said Guy Gamespot.

"Underneath the litres of polish and great combat additions, IV controls and feels just like a GTA game," said Andy CVG.

Stop banging on about it before we're all rolling our eyes when the bloody thing launches, said videogaming247.

GTA IV releases, as everyone in the world knows, on April 29.

Update: Here's another one. "I don't want to so much as nick this baby," said Wesley Videogamer. "It's just too damn sexy to ruin."

Update 2: And another. "There's a definite air of confidence drifting through the corridors of Rockstar's West London offices," said Martin IGN.

Update 3: Another. We're not posting any more. "This is the real Grand Theft Auto, and you won't be disappointed," said Nick 1UP.

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