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New Square Enix MMO confirmed for GDC

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Blimey. GDC's site says that Square Enix is going to be talking about a new MMO at GDC. From here:

"Taku Murata is the head of R&D of Square Enix. Under his leadership, Square Enix is now developing the common technology platform for the first time. The new game engine will be used for FINAL FANTASY XIII, new MMORPG under development, and other titles in the future. In this talk, Taku will describe the whole process of the engine development; why now, why not third party engine, what is unique, how it is being developed, what were challenges, etc. You'll be able to see the technological essence of FINAL FANTASY development."

Those in the know are claiming this means the title is almost certainly being developed for PS3. GDC happens in San Francisco at the end of this month, so we'll know more then.

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