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New Sound Shapes update brings DLC and Offline Play

A big update for Sound Shapes hit the PSN today, and it brought with it a few new things. First, we've got a DLC called Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack ($1.99), which comes with a new vehicle, several new levels, some new editing items and trophies.

Beyond that, the update introduces something called the community Milkcrate, which is a collection of user-created levels handpicked by the developers for being exceptional in some way or another. The levels are grouped thematically into albums, and there are 35 levels included. These levels will become a hardwired part of the game, as well, as the update will stick them right in there with the developer-made levels.

Finally, the patch will also let you download and play community levels offline instead of having to stay connected during them. That is a very good thing.

via PS Blog

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