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New Sims projects overload as EA steps up a gear

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EA Casual Entertainment president Kathy Vrabeck has confirmed with investors that the "next-gen" Sims games will begin production within three years, and that a raft of other Sims titles are on the way in the not-so-distant future.

My Sims Kingdom will hit DS and Wii in the company's third quarter, ending December 31, as Wii a PC version of current Wii game, MySims. MySims Party will launch for Wii and DS in EA's fourth quarter.

SimAnimals will launch before the end of March next year, Vrabeck said. Another title, SimCity Creator is further out, and is confirmed to hit before the end of fiscal 2011.

The news accompanied sales figures for MySims, which has shipped over 3 million units and created over $100 million in revenue. EA is showing bullish noises this week, having yesterday announced that it expects to reach a turnover of $6 billion by 2011, and that it has secured exclusive NFL licensing for the same period.

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