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Rare game announce expected at E3 2015

Rare's new game will be shown off at E3 2015, apparently.


Rare hasn't announced a reveal, and neither has Microsoft, but it looks like the news has slipped out anyway.

IGN cites a tweet from Rare creative director Simon Woodroffe in which he says that a new project from Rare designer Gregg Mayles will be revealed at E3. Woodroffe's tweets are protected, so we can't set eyes on or embed the tweet in question.

It makes a lot of sense, though; We've been expecting to hear something from Rare for quite a while now; it's been mostly quiet since Kinect Sports Rivals released in 2014, and composer Robin Beanland has said this will be a big year for Rare.

For several years now Rare has been devoted to Kinect games - because it wanted to be, not because Microsoft insisted. Now that the camera has been unbundled from the Xbox One and is no longer one of Microsoft's focus, the studio has "ambitious plans" for what to do next.

There have been rumours of everything from Battletoads to a Banjo Kazooie sequel to a new Viva Pinata; I suppose almost every property Rare owns is up for grabs, except for the already-revived Killer Instinct.

I think Banjo Kazooie is the frontrunner, to be honest; the huge success of the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter certainly shows there's an appetite for it.

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