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New Little King's Story network features detailed

The Vita reimagining of Little King's Story will include multiplayer features and pony up DLC.

Siliconera reports some of the missions in New Little King's Story will be ranked, allowing you to earn special titles and compete with friends for the best completion time.

Additionally, players can work with friend to greatly speed item synthesis; the more people involved in synthesising, the faster the laborious process goes - but all participants can vote on what will be produced, introducing an element of risk.

DLC will be released after launch, including costumes and a doctor set. it's not clear if these items are cosmetic or have gameplay benefits.

New Little King's Story is an entirely new take on the sadly underrated Wii original, created without input from the original designers. It combines RPG and town building mechanics, and launches in Japan this week before coming to Europe later this year.

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