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New Elemental expansion "a new game," says Stardock

elemental expansion

Stardock's called the first expansion to Elemental: War of Magic, known as Fallen Enchantress, "a new game".

It's an expansion that can be played without War of Magic, according to a user known as Frogboy on the Stardock forums - we assume it's company boss Brad Wardell.

A new team is also at work for the expansion.

"Fallen Enchantress gives us the opportunity to have a very different fantasy strategy game than War of Magic. While the original intent was simply to eliminate an unnecessary SCU (we can simply have Fallen Enchantress with an upgrade price for people who have War of Magic), in this case, it lets us make an even bigger break from War of Magic because it has a new Lead Designer with Jon Shafer helping as well as we begin pre-production of Jon’s new game along with many other changes. It’s still Stardock but it’s a very different Stardock than what made War of Magic (or GalCiv II for that matter)," the forum post read.

"I’m still filling the role of studio lead developer and Executive Producer but we’re actively seeking out industry veterans to take over the role of lead developer of Stardock Entertainment."

It was expressed in the post how the release of Fallen Enchantress would not have been possible a couple of years ago, but "the changing digital model of PC games" has brought new opportunities to developers.

The first details of Fallen Enchantress were revealed on Friday.

Thanks, RPS.

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