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Buy Stardock's Elemental before Oct. 31, get two free expansion packs


Stardock's offering up two free expansion packs to its fantasy-TBS Elemental: War of Magic, providing customers purchase the Impluse-exclusive before October 31.

Granted, the developer has yet to release the first expansion pack for the game, but considering it's only available on the firm's digital distribution site, it will know who bought what and when.

Work on the first expansion pack is slated to start once the game's first patch goes into beta early next month.

There's no word just yet on what will be included in it, but Derek Paxton will take the helm passed to him from CEO Brad Wardell.

Stardock has said previously that new quests, factions and more will be added in future expansions along with "significant amounts of free post-release content and updates".

Elemental was released back in August and not only lacked DRM, but came with some post-release drama as well.

Via Shack.

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