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New Destiny 2 trailer assumes you don't know what Destiny is

Bungie has created a Destiny 2 trailer that you can show to those friends of yours who have no idea what the game is.

At least that's what I assume the trailer is supposed to do, it's called What is Destiny 2, after all.

Snark aside, the trailer is actually a pretty compact thing that manages to list everything Destiny 2 lets you do without being too bullet point-y. There are quick and dirty mentions of the campaign, the strikes, raid, and even the Crucible.

It's cut pretty nicely, too, and doesn't spend too much explaining any one feature. At about one minute 30 seconds, it's short enough that you can link to it every time someone asks what Destiny 2.

Watch on YouTube

Unfortunately, it won't help you respond to comments like "what's so special about this game?" or "why is everyone talking about this thing so much?" that you're no doubt going to hear beginning next week.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version is out October 24, but if you're itching to go hands on with the game, you can try out the PC open beta, which goes live tomorrow.

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