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Mythic gives post-EA firings status update


EA's been getting a little too friendly with its axe lately, and word is, Mythic was one of the many developers that got in the way of said budding romance. In response, Mythic Executive Producer Jeff Hickman posted a letter to the community, wherein he restated his company's commitment - first and foremost - to its games.

"With all that is going on within Mythic Entertainment and EA, I would like to take a moment to reinforce the studio’s dedication to both our games and our players. At Mythic, we remain committed to our games and the passionate people who play them – we’re going to continue to deliver the content and service that keeps you playing," he wrote.

"We want to assure our community that we will maintain the same high level of customer support you’ve come to expect and continue to improve our games with an exciting schedule of patches, live events and new content."

Keep on fighting the good fight, Mythic. Stormy weather's ahead, but the ship's certainly not underwater just yet.

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