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Mythic boss claims Warcraft copied WAR PvP changes

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Speaking with GI, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs said that the changes to player-versus-player combat in World of Warcraft are taken directly from the changes made to Warhammer Online.

"You have a game that's been out for four years, they've never put in world PVP like ours, they've never been able to level through PVP like in ours," said Jacobs

"I think it's absolutely a reaction to Warhammer. It wasn't like all of a sudden the idea of open world PVP or levelling through PVP came into their heads and went 'nobody's ever done this before'."

However, Jacobs wasn't upset about it at all. "I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," he added.

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By Mike Bowden

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