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Mytheon closed beta to relaunch later this month


UTV True Games has announced it's to re-open the closed beta to online action RPG Mytheon later this month.

It follows news that the development of the game is now being done internally and not at original developer Petroglyph.

An open beta launch early last year, but legal issues between UTV True Game and Petroglyph saw development halted for a while.

Things were eventually settled, but Petroglyph was taken off the game in September and the open beta closed.

Now, True Games is re-opening it, and previous beta testers will get access once again with their old accounts, as well as "exclusive keys and in-game rewards in the coming weeks" before the test begins.

"Moving the development of Mytheon to our internal studio is a very positive move for the game because we have total creative control over the title and we can tailor Mytheon's content to the preferences and needs of the community that has already grown around it," said UTV True Games CEO, Jeff Lujan.

Thanks, Big Download.

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