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Muramasa Rebirth now available on Vita in North America

Muramasa Rebirth has landed on Vita in the US. You can pick up the action-packed RPG by Vanillaware on PSN and start playing as the possessed princess Momohime. Or a fugitive ninja named Kisuke if you'd rather.

Both are searching for Demon Blades which "lust for the souls of the vanquished." Collect all 108 blades, and battle those who stand in your way.

The game is also available through a Blessing of Amitahba Collector’s Edition at retail and through the PS Store.

Aksys Games created a limited run collector’s edition with a specially designed PS Vita face cover and skin by HORI, USA. It also comes with a PS Vita pouch, and a specially created Muramasa Rebirth lithograph by Vanillaware.

Launch trailer is below.

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