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Multiwinia for "summer", says Introversion

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Indie developer Introversion has confirmed that Multiwinia, the multiplayer update of RTS title Darwinia, is on track for a summer release this year.

"I'd hesitate saying a month, but you're more than welcome to say it's going to be out in the summer of 2008," a company rep told VG247. "We've got some announcements about Multiwinia as well, which we're going to make about April-May time, when we get the website up and running."

Multiwinia is a four-player update to indie classic Darwinia, in which digital tribes go head to head for supremacy of a computer's guts, essentially. It takes place after Darwinia, in which the Darwinians fought off a computer virus. Since they successfully defended themselves, the Darwinians have grown in number and started fighting each other. Sounds fun.

Lots more on this soon.

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