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MS shakes up 'Frisco with Halo 4, more - all the deeds

Microsoft went to town last week with its Xbox Spring Showcase in San Francisco, lifting the embargo on new Halo 4 info and new games for Forza and Fable. Get the skinny on everything below.

  • Pat had a first look at Halo 4, with 343 lifting the wraps off some of the multiplayer content and teasing what to expect from Chief and Cortana's fourth outing. Get his thoughts and an interview with 343's Frankie O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill, as well as a vidoc, here.
  • Forza now has a second team at the helm with Playground Games, who are creating Forza Horizon for a release this fall. Nothing else was confirmed, but we've been told it's akin to Test Drive Unlimited 2.
  • In other Forza news, Turn 10 is bringing Porsche to Forza Motorsport 4 in a massive expansion in May, having previously been shunted out of its release due to known complications.
  • Fable Heroes is indeed a real thing. It's a four-way co-op themed game being made as an XBLA game at Lionhead, featuring rewards that will tie into Fable: The Journey. No date yet, though.
  • Valve confirmed at the showcase it'd launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this summer on XBLA, as well as PSN, PC and Mac. There's new screens here.
  • There's also assets for Minecraft, Quantum Conundrum, Fable: The Journey, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Kinect Star Wars, Deadlight, Bloodforge and the final Gears of War 3 map pack.

And that's your lot.

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