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Mount & Blade 2 coming to consoles - report

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will bring the series to consoles for the first time, apparently.


Mount & Blade developer TaleWorlds reportedly confirmed that the sequel is in the works for consoles, which we'll interpret at PS4 and Xbox One.

The news comes via lead designer Armagan Yavuz, who refused to give Turuncu Leyve any further details.

According to site staff responding to comments, the console version is being developed by a separate team, and the PC version is feature complete, so the console release is unlikely to impact development of the core release.

We've sent off queries to TaleWorlds and also Paradox Interactive (before remembering the two companies have parted ways, alas), so here's hoping we'll have more info soon.

Update: TaleWorlds producer Vishnu Vijayakumar responded to our query.

"It is a little too early to talk about the possibility of a console release right now. It is something that we have in our minds and the project is not confirmed," he said.

Mount & Blade is a cult favourite medieval simulation with melee combat and RPG elements. There have been three core releases - the original; Warband, which introduced multiplayer; and With Fire & Sword, which is set in a more modern time period and introduced firearms. There have also been two expansions for Warband, Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest.

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