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Motorstorm RC DLC spotted in trophy list

If £4.79 strikes you as too little to pay for two copies of an Evolution racer, you could always hand over a little more in return for extra content.

Browsing Motorstorm RC's trophy list, Spong spotted two upcoming expansions.

The titles, Pro-Am Festival and Carnival Festival, suggest the new content will be similar to that released for previous Motorstorm games.

The Pro-Am pack has 16 events, and the Carnival has 24, with eight trophies available across both packs.

Evolution is set to formally unveil the expansions this week.

Motorstorm RC is due alongside the Vita's European launch but has not been dated for the US. Purchasing either the PlayStation 3 or Vita version nets you the other one as well. Check out Johnny's interview with game director Paul Rustchynsky for further details.

Thanks, That VideoGame Blog.

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