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Motorstorm Apocalypse allows user-made game modes to be shared via PSN


Motorstorm Apocalypse will allow players to create their own gameplay modes and share them via PSN in a similar fashion to LittleBigPlanet, developer Evolution Studios has told VG247.

Speaking to us at gamescom, the studio's Paul Rutschynsky said the tools the team used to create the game modes that will ship on the disc, known as the "game editor," will be the same ones players will have to create their own modes.

"On the disc, we're going to have four or five game modes available to play," said Rutschynsky.

"But we're also shipping basically the same tools we used to make those game modes on the disc. So the player will be able to string together a series of actions to create a consequence to string together rules to basically create and then share their own game modes online."

Rutschynsky was keen to point out the inspiration of Media Molecule's LBP for the game editor.

"It's taking cues from LittleBigPlanet; it's not extended where you can build entire levels, but where you can set your own rules up."

He added that any mode being made by a player can be anything other then just crossing over the finishing line in first.

"If you don't want it to be who comes first, you can change those rules so it's like a points scoring system that you've devised," he said.

"Or rules where any vehicle come into contact with another vehicle, they both explode. You can do whatever you want. We'll promote the best [modes] on the official matchmaker so everyone gets a chance to play these new game modes.

"So everytime you go online, hopefully it's going to be a fresh experience with something new to play, something that you haven't seen before."

Motorstorm: Apocalypse launches next year for PlayStation 3.

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