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Mortal Kombat X patch to bring PC version up to console standard

Mortal Kombat X PC will be fixed tomorrow, NetherRealm has promised.

mortal kombat x goro

The PC version of Mortal Kombat X has come under fire for poor performance, including stuttering frame rate and bugs as plenty.

About 45 minutes into a recent Twitch stream, NetherRealm boss Ed Boon said an update will drop tomorrow to address many of these criticisms.

"Tomorrow there will be a patch for the PC version. It literally brings the PC version to parity with the console versions and there's huge improvements coming to that version," he said.

"That's a lot of the feedback we have been getting back; people with PC issues, so we're really excited to get them the version they deserve."

Good to know. Here's hoping, certainly.

Edit: Apparently the above is a slight misquotation; Boon said "I think tomorrow", so you may have to wait a little longer for the patch.

Thanks, /r/Games.

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