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Mortal Kombat X does the Predator tribute perfectly

You didn't think Mortal Kombat X was going to not have a Carl Weathers/Predator Easter egg, did you?

Mortal Kombat X gets Predator as a DLC character next week, and along with it, the Prey costume pack. This costume pack is special, because it comes with a special costume for Jax as Carl "Dillon" Weathers, complete with voice work from the man himself.

If you choose this costume for Jax and the Commando costume for Johnny Cage, the two engage the iconic handshake from the film.

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Another interesting one involves Erron Black's X-ray move when facing against Predator - which normally carries the name of his opponent, the bullet has the etching "ugly mofo."


The Prey costume pack and Predator will be out July 7 for Kombat Pack owners.

Thanks, MP1st.

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