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Mortal Kombat X: play as Rain and other locked characters on PC

Mortal Kombat X players comfortable with tinkering with the game's files can unlock unplayable characters.


Mortal Kombat X includes a number of familiar fighters available only as opponents, not playable characters.

if you're super keen to try out Rain, Baraka and co, you can - with a bit of fiddling.

Redditor XVermillion figured out that all they had to do was rename a few folders in order to trick Mortal Kombat X into pulling the data for an unplayable character up instead of the one you've selected.

It's not perfect, you can't do it on consoles, and you really should back up your data before you start mucking around with it, but if you're willing and capable these locked characters can be yours.

Check out Rain in action below. "What you see is just me playing in training mode with what the game thinks is Shinnok but is using Rain's model and moveset," XVermillion said.

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Thanks, Kotaku. Image: LetticiaMaer on DeviantArt

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