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Mortal Kombat X patch adds major new online setting, balances fighters

Mortal Kombat X received another patch overnight that rebalances some fighters, corrects frame date, fixes multiplayer stat bugs, and gives players more control over ranked matches.


NetherRealm is continuing to support Mortal Kombat X with a new major patch focusing mostly on balance changes, but also adding new tweaks to online matchmaking. The patch went live a few hours ago on PlayStation 4. Xbox One and PC versions will follow soon. It's a little bit on the large side, at about 1.3GB.

You will find the general tweaks and fixes below. For character-specific changes, head to the game's blog.

  • Many movelist frame data corrections
  • Corrected many normal attacks that were intended to be 0 or negative on block were being overridden to be +2
  • Hitting Front Punch + Back Punch + Front Kick at the same time at the special cancel window will no longer cause an enhanced move to come out
  • Removed the ability to mash normal attacks while continuing to block after blocking an attack
  • You can no longer cancel into an enhanced interaction during the first 10 frames of some block stuns
  • Versus Session Stats are now correctly award as wins/losses when you pause and exit to player select or restart match (Versus Session Stats can be turned on in Main Menu > Options > Game Play)
  • Fixed several characters being able to attack on the first frame of a jump.
    Added unlock counter for Krypt
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from joining an in-progress Ladder, KOTH, or Team Battle match from a chat lobby
  • Ping meter accuracy improvements
  • You can now choose to not play a Ranked Match if the connection is below the set threshold
  • Matchmaking improvements when finding a Ranked or Player Match
  • Player Skill Rating algorithm improved
  • Fixed crash occurring when receiving online VS. Challenge while editing Kombat Kard
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when skipping the last fight in the Klassic Tower
  • Fixed an issue causing some offline replays to report “playback does not agree”
  • Added the ability to go full screen in the KOTH viewer by PS4 players who use devices that do not have a touchpad button

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