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Mortal Kombat X Goro Tips - Brutalities, Fatalities and Variants

Learn all of Goro’s basic attacks, the difference between his three variants, and all of his special moves.

Goro is a fantastic kombatant featuring safe special moves, decent amounts of damage, and outstanding frame advantage. When playing as Goro, your first choice of combat style should be the Tigrar Fury variant, as it has the greatest potential for setups to keep you on the offensive. The Kuatan Warrior variant doesn’t bring much to the table for average opponents, but if you find yourself against an enemy who specializes in projectile-based attacks, the Quake special move is very effective for putting them in their place. Much like the Tigrar Fury variant, Goro’s third variant, Dragon Fangs, is good for setting up offensive combinations that will work to your advantage.

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Due to the nature of the moves, we made it easier to understand the commands. Because of this, we’ll group the different combinations under one number. Please refer to this notation key when looking at button combinations.


  • 1: X/Square
  • 2: Y/Triangle
  • 3: A/X
  • 4: B/Circle

Tigrar Fury Variant

As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, this is Goro’s most useful fighting style. It focuses on four special moves called Flame Ball, Close Ground Fire, Far Ground Fire, and Dragon Breath. Flame Ball (Back, Forward +1) is the default projectile attack and is far superior to other attack methods of this category. Unlike Shokan Bolt it executes faster and is great for zoning your opponent into certain areas of the fighting arena.

The second and third special moves for this variant are Close Ground Fire (Down, Back +4) and Far Ground Fire (Down, Forward +4). Both attacks are low hitting moves ideal for ending combos or catching the opponent off guard. It’s especially useful in its enhanced version, which will allow you to follow up your attack with a juggle for a nice mix of overhead and low hits.

Perhaps the most useful of the Tigrar Fury’s special moves, Dragon Breath (Back, Forward +2) is extremely useful at the end of a blocked combo string. A great example of how to use this special move is in conjunction with Fists of Fury, which when followed up with Dragon breath will leave Goro with a 9 frame advantage, allowing players to follow up with any attack for up to 15 frames. This will make it difficult for your opponents to interrupt you unless they use an enhanced attack with armor.

Kuatan Warrior Variant

This fighting variant only gives Goro two special moves, stripping him of many of our favorite attacks featured within the Tigrar Fury variant. The two moves featured here are Chest Lunge and Quake. Quake is an unblockable attack that covers the entire length of the screen. It is useful in situations where having problems pushing forward to your opponent. However, it can easily be thwarted by teleports and other attacks of the sort, so it should be used sparingly.

The second special move featured within this variant is the Chest Lunge. This special attack is easy to block, making it almost useless unless used at the end of a combo. The most beneficial thing about this attack is how it ends, as Goro will grab the opponent and throw him or her behind him. This is useful for removing yourself from a corner and turning the tables on the enemy. Playing this variant will mean less reliance on your special moves, and more reliance on your overall skill as a player.

Dragon Fangs Variant

The final variant that Goro holds is the Dragon Fangs Variant that adds blades to Goro’s wrists. While this add-on doesn’t tack on damage to his normal attacks, Goro is rewarded with one basic attack, one combo attack, and two special moves. The basic attack, Shokan Trip, is the best addition, as it has exceptional range, hits low on the opponent, and leaves the player at a significant advantage if the other fighter manages to block.

The combo move, Bruiser (2, 1, 1) is an alternative to his Titan Krush Combo (2, 1, 4) and works great as a combo ender. The first special move, Shokan Stabs, replaces the normal Shokan Grab, and also inflicts greater amounts of damage to the opponent. Meanwhile, the final special move, Fang Spin, is similar to Goro’s default Punch Walk, however it inflicts more damage and loses a bit of range. It’s also a safe play if opponents block the attack, and the enhanced versions of both of these special moves have armor, making them useful if you find yourself pressured at any time in the match.

Basic Strategies for Goro

Many of Goro’s combination attacks are safe, which means you won’t be punished if other players block or even evade them. This makes him an exceptional choice for players who want to be able to throw out as much as they can, with relatively low punishment for failure. If you feel your combo will fail, simply cancel it out into Punch Walk, and if the combo does manage to hit your opponent, you can easily transition it into Fist Flurry and hit them with a ton of extra damage.

One of the most useful combinations, Unfair Advantage (Forward +1, 1, Back +2) begins with Double Slap (Forward +2). This isn’t the fastest attack, but it covers a great deal of range and is a great attack for closing open space between you and your opponent. If the opponent manages to block the attack, simply move into the Low Knuckles attack (Down +1), which happens to be one of the fastest attacks in the game. This is a guaranteed hit, as the opponent won’t be able to block again, and can easily be followed up with more combos that will wear down the enemy. If somehow they manage to block it, Goro suffers no punishment for failing the attack, and you can easily set yourself up for one of this other moves.

Basic Attacks

Shokan Bolt: Back, Forward +1

This attack is Goro’s basic projectile attack. It hits high, which means your opponents can easily block or evade it. It also takes a short moment to execute, which makes it very limited.

Punch Walk: Back, Forward +4

This is one of Goro’s most useful special attacks across all of his variants. It covers almost the entire length of the screen, and is completely safe for Goro if the opponent manages to block it. The enhanced version, Fist Flurry, ends by knocking the opponent into the air, which will allow Goro to juggle his enemy and score extra damage. It’s also useful for cancelling most of Goro’s combos in order to guarantee a hit.

Shokan Grab: Down, Back, Forward +3

This is Goro’s basic throw attack, and it is useful for ending combos or catching blocking opponents off guard. It should be noted that using the Shokan Grab in the middle of a combo string will result in the attack missing, no matter if the opponent blocks or not. This means it should strictly be used against enemies who won’t stop blocking, or at the end of powerful combos.

Stomp: Down, Up

A trademark of the Shokan race of kombatants, the Stomp is a simple and straight forward attack. It is a very unique attack, since Goro is the only Shokan playable in the game. When used, the Stomp will have Goro land on the opponent wherever they are onscreen. It is possible for other fighters to dash away or even knock Goro out of the air, and if that happens Goro will find himself severely punished. If you anticipate the opponent knows what you are planning, you can always hold Back or Forward after the Stomp to land perpendicular to your enemy.


Speed Bag: Win the match in two rounds, kill the opponent with Shokan Grab (Down, Back, Forward+3), or Shokan Slam (Down, Back, Forward +3 +Block) while holding Forward during the attack animation.

Chest Bump: Perform five forward dashes (Forward, Forward) during a match using the Kuatan Warrior variant, then with over 50 percent health, kill the opponent using Chest Lunge (Back, Forward +2) or Chest Charge (Back, Forward +2 +Block).

Krush: When the opponent blocks, kill them with Krush (Down, Up+Block).

Shokan Flame: Stand close to the opponent while in the Tigrar Fury variant, then kill them using the Dragon Torch (Back, Forward +2 +Block), and hold 2 throughout the attack animation.

Tail Spin: Kill the opponent using Dragon Spin (Down, Back +2 +Block) with the Dragon Fangs variant equipped, making sure that only the third strike of the Dragon Spin hits the opponent. In order to pull this off, the first two hits must miss the opponent.


Shokan Amputation: Back, Down, Down, Up (Close ranged)

Peek-A-Boo: Back, Forward, Down, 4 (Close ranged)

X-Ray: Spine Adjustment

Goro’s X-ray attack features armor like many other x-rays, which will allow players to break through many attacks. It isn’t the fastest move in the game, but it is effective when used in conjunction with other attacks. We highly suggest hitting your opponent with Barbarian Blow (Back +1, 2, Up +2) and then once more hitting them with the X-ray attack to deal a total of 40 percent damage in a single combo.

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