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Mortal Kombat X custom controller fully revealed

Mortal Kombat X will be receiving a custom controller courtesy of peripherals manufacturer PDP.


If you follow all things Mortal Kombat, you may remember seeing a photo showing a prototype for a Mortal Kombat X custom controller back in September at GameStop Expo. The controller has resurfaced again this week at CES 2015.

A few things have changed, firstly the controller now has a d-pad and not an analogue stick. Secondly, the space between the face buttons and the d-pad appears to have been increased, to allow an arcade stick-like fighting style.

CNET's Brian Tong captured a video of the thing along with a new images that you can find in the gallery below.

The controller will be released for both PlayStation and Xbox. The PlayStation version will work with both PS3 and PS4, and the same for the Xbox version. It's expected to be priced somewhere between $35 and $50.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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