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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate takes Japan by storm during New 3DS launch week

The week ending September 12 in Japan was rather eventful for consumers as both Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Nintendo's New 3DS launched during the period. Obviously, Capcom's latest in the series sold gangbusters, almost hitting the 1.5 million mark.

The New 3DS models from Nintendo seemed to be met with a rather lukewarm reception, as sales of both combined were a few thousand short of hitting the 250,000 mark.

Granted it's hard to compare launch sales of an updated version of the same system with its original, and the handheld was only available for two days during the reporting period. We'll have to wait until the current reporting period ends on September 19 to see how well it fared with a full week on the market.

Combined sales of New 3DS LL and New 3DS hit 234,806 with the former selling the most units.

All told, the 3DS family moved 261,873 units for Nintendo during the week of October 6- 12, no doubt thanks to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which moved a total of 1,446,289 units in two days.

Elsewhere on the hardware chart, the only offerings to show growth over the prior week, aside from previously released 3DS systems, were PlayStation 4 (+4,347) and Xbox 360 (+17). All other hardware offerings declined in sales, with Vita taking the largest dive.

New releases for the week also included FIFA 15 and Driveclub, both of which landed in the top 12.

During its first three days of release, FIFA 15 on PS4 debuted fifth with 16,719 units sold, while the PS3 version came in sixth with 16,149 units moved. The Vita version of the football title moved 4,253 units and came in twelfth.

Combined, the three offerings for the game in the top 20 moved 37,121 units.

Driveclub, which released the same day as FIFA 15, came in seventh with 8,620 units sold.

You can look over the entire Media Create chart on Gematsu.

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