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Monkey Island: Gilbert has no plans to make follow-up, but discusses dream sequel anyway

The Secret of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert has explicitly stated that he has no plans to make another instalment of the LucasArts adventure series, but he has shared his theoreticals about what a follow-up might look like.

Penning a column on Kotaku, Gilbert said of his phantom sequel, "It would be a retro game that harkened back to Monkey Island 1 and 2. I'd do it as "enhanced low-res". Nice crisp retro art, but augmented by the hardware we have today: parallaxing, depth of field, warm glows.

"All the stuff we wanted to do back in 1990 but couldn't. Monkey Island deserves that. It's authentic. It doesn't need 3D. Yes, I've seen the video, it's very cool, but Monkey Island wants to be what it is. I would want the game to be how we all remember Monkey Island."

Elsewhere he said it would be a hardcore adventure with brutal puzzles and absolutely no hint system, would include a ton of verbs and would ideally run on a rebuilt version of the infamous SCUMM engine.

In terms of story Gilbert mused, "It would be called Monkey Island 3a. All the games after Monkey Island 2 don't exist in my Monkey Island universe. My apologies to the all talented people who worked on them and the people who loved them, but I'd want to pick up where I left off. Free of baggage. In a carnival. That doesn't mean I won't steal some good ideas or characters from other games. I'm not above that."

If you know how the second game ends, the above is quite intriguing. I'll refrain from spoilers here in case you haven't finished it.

Would you like to see this game made? How would you have Gilbert make it? Let us know below.

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