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Molyneux staying on Fable due to need to "focus on just one thing"

Wondering why Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux is sticking with Fable for the foreseeable future? It's because he wants to focus on just one thing rather than do "multiple things."

It's a change from Molyneux's infamous switching about to multiple other series' after a couple of years, although he's been doing Fable for six years.

"You know, in a certain way, for someone like me, this is the worst of times. That’s because there’s so many exciting, incredible new things to use, to mix together to create the best experience – I’m not just talking core gaming, we’re in the temple of core gaming now, at E3 – but a great example is social gaming," Molyneux told RPGSite.

"I'm really fascinated with this – when I take my son to school, which I’ve been doing ever since he’s gone to school – when I first took my son to school I’d, y’know, chat to the parents outside – ‘what do you do – oh, I’m a games designer..’ and they’d say ‘oh god – can’t let our children go and play at your house, there’ll be guns everywhere.’

That attitude has changed incredibly to, now, I mean – outside the school gates the parents are playing on their mobile phones – they’re playing Zynga games on Facebook – they’re excited about games. That’s completely changed. For someone like me, I find that an absolutely fascinating place – there’s a hundred million people playing some type of computer game at this moment somewhere around the world. Just four years ago, that would’ve been much lower – it’s incredible growth."

He continued: "On top of that you’ve got all these new control and input mechanisms, mix that with the cloud – which is a fantastic way of innovating as well – and a lot of me sort of wants to do ten things at once. I have to say to myself, time and time again – I have to focus on just one thing. If I try to put my focus on multiple things – I’m just not smart enough – I need to focus on just one thing, and right now that’s Fable."

Molyneux announced Kinect-enabled Fable: The Journey - which absolutely isn't on rails - at E3 last week. It's out next year.

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