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Molyneux: Fable: The Journey E3 demo only four months old, better demo to be shown at gamescom

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has said that the E3 demo of Fable: The Journey came from when full development began four months ago.

"This project really only started... Well in earnest it started about seven months ago and we started coding about four months ago," Molyneux told OXM UK at E3.

"There's huge faults with this demo. The quality isn't quite there, and we haven't had enough time to fulfil all our ambitions," he added, referring to the E3 demo that shown.

But Molyneux's promised a much better performing demo for gamescom in Cologne in August, saying "our ambition is to give you something to play with.

"Because it already, rough though it is at the moment, it already feels pretty cool."

So hold until Germany before you say once and for all if it's an on-rails shooter. Which it isn't.

It's out next year for Kinect and 360.

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