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Microsoft plans to maintain "core" focus alongside Natal release


European Xbox 360 bossman Chris Lewis has said that there is no reason for gamers to fear that Microsoft is losing it's edge with the release of Project Natal.

Far be it - the firm says it's staying committed to the core audience.

Speaking with MCV (via ZombieGamer), Lewis wants to reassure owners of the console that they have nothing to fear, especially with the release of exclusive titles aimed at the main audience on the docket (Fable III, Alan Wake, Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2).

"From the beginning, Xbox has always had a very deliberate strategy to focus on core gamers and then expand the market," he said. "Project Natal is meant to complement, not replace, the experiences [for this audience] on Xbox 360.

"We've reached new heights in creating a more natural and responsive gaming and entertainment experience for people of all interests and skill levels, whilst maintaining our commitment to deliver quality core games that consistently exceed expectations."

This mirrors Aaron Greenberg's comments about being careful with what is released for the controller - which Microsoft seems really adamant about drilling into folks heads.

Guess they are afraid consumers are worried about some titles for it being considered shovelware like Wii continually gets tagged with - according to some.

Natal is slated for release sometime around the holidays and expect to see celebs in the commercials once adverts start to air.

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