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Microsoft hopeful of having Natal playable to TGS public


Want to go hands-on, or whatever the term, with Natal? Going to Tokyo in September, by any chance? Read on.

Microsoft's said that it's hopeful it'll have the camera on the show-floor for everyone to try at Tokyo Game Show come September.

"It was in limited form [at last year's TGS]," says Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui in an interview with Nikkei. "This year, we'd like to ready a space for a wide audience to experience it."

Last year's event saw the firm announce the full list of partners for Natal, with a panel from big name Japanese developers including Hideo Kojima and Keiji Inafune of Konami and Capcom respectively, with the former calling it the next "2D to 3D shift".

Sensui also addressed previous concerns about the space required to use the motion-camera.

"There's need for a certain amount of space, but we believe the general home will be able to enjoy it - and that includes Japanese living environments."

TGS takes place between September 16-19, with the first two days being for business only. The final two days will be open to the public.

Natal's due by October, possibly for a "speculative" $200.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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