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Metro "accessibility" comment pertains to audience, not "dumbing down"

Deep Silver's intention to make Metro "accessible" means things like the upcoming Mac and Linux ports, not compromise on the franchise's values, according to global brand manager Huw Beynon.

In a post on the franchise's UK website, Beynon responded to comments from Deep Silver's CEO about making Metro "more accessible to a broader audience".

"Some media and fans have interpreted this to mean that Deep Silver will somehow seek to dilute Metro's core gameplay values, 'dumbing down' the game in a bid to woo a wider, more 'casual' audience. We understand the concern, and we would like to reassure the Metro fanbase that Deep Silver has absolutely no intention of compromising Metro's unique DNA," he wrote.

"We completely understand that it is the passion and evangelism of our fans that allowed Metro to grow from a cult hit to genuine, bonafide hit. Whatever direction a new Metro game takes (and we are still assembling the drawing boards), it will build on the bleak, post apocalyptic pillars of atmosphere, immersion, challenge and depth that sets this franchise apart from the crowd."

Beynon said Deep Silver does indeed intend to "make the world of Metro more accessible to a broader audience" but by building a higher quality product, investing in the brand, and releasing ports.

"This is just the first stage of a broader initiative to bring Metro to a wider audience, without compromising the product's strengths," he said.

"Metro is a pulsating, radioactive gem in Deep Silver's crown of rotting zombie flesh, and we believe we can build on the success of Metro: Last Light by doubling down on our unique brand of bleak, Russian, post apocalyptic horror."

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