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Meet two of Horizon: Zero Dawn's deadly robot dinosaurs, the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw

Horizon: Zero Dawn is full of interesting beasties, some of which are a bit of a bother, to put it mildly.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn combines two terrific things - robots and dinosaurs - into something even better: robot dinosaurs.

Some of these robot dinosaurs are friendly, or at least not actively hostile, and can be put to good use. Others pretty much exist to make your life difficult, and that's the case with the Thunderjaw, the T-Rex like creature that's become something of a symbol for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

One of the most dangerous creatures in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Thunderjaw shown in the video above is a combat-class construct equipped with cannons, disc launchers and a mouth laser. As well as its ranged arsenal, it can also attack with charges and tail swipes.

By comparison, the Snapmaw shown below is positively peaceful - but it's also likely to take a chunk out of any Horizon: Zero Dawn player silly enough to get close. The Snapmaw is an acquisition class machine, and is usually found near water, gathering minerals from sediment. Close to it relies on bites and swipes, but at distance it launches cryo mortars that freeze their targets.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn launches at the end of February, exclusively for PS4.

The first new IP from Guerrilla Games since Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn is set in a distant post-civilisation future where humanity is reduced to a subsistence existence among the ruins of a much more advanced society, which apparently built robot dinosaurs. I can't imagine how that went wrong.

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