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MCV: Median games industry pay is £33,123

MCV has released the results of it 2012 UK Games Industry Salary Survey, showing average salary is £33,123.

When senior and executive roles were taken into account, the average salary came in at £35,790.

Taking world-wide responses into consideration, the median average was £34,263.The survey suggests, based on worldwide figures, that those in junior roles outside of the UK are paid higher salaries.

Participants in the poll worked in all sectors of the industry: development, publishing, retail, PR & marketing, services, technology and business development. Female respondents made up 10% of those polled, which MCV said was "in line with the estimated proportion of females working in the trade."

There was some disproportional information gleaned from the survey where salaries between men and women were compared. Female games industry professionals earn £1.50 less an hour than men, meaning the pay gap in the UK has widened since the survey reported women earned more just three years ago.

On average, the yearly UK games industry salary for women is £30,254, compared to £33,088 for men. Globally, the survey found women earned on average £35,016 a year compared to £34,537 for men.

And the difference in salaries gets worse as a woman gets older. For example: the age bracket of 18-29 found women made around £1,000 more than their male counterparts, whereas women ages 30-44 made £3,726 less. Women who are 45 years and older, made £11,057 less a year than males.

The survey was based on responses from 975 participants, 597 of which were based in the UK.

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