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Max and the Magic Marker PS3 gets a date

Developer Press Play has confirmed that their Wii indie hit Max and the Magic Marker is set to hit PSN later this month in Europe and next month in the US.

The developer announced the plans today, revealing that the 'Gold Edition' of the title will arrive on the PlayStation Network in September 28th in Europe. American audiences will have a little longer to wait, with the North American PSN release scheduled for October 18th.

The 'Gold Edition' of the game is an upgraded and improved version of the game that ups the resolution from the Wii's 480p to the PS3's full HD 1080p and also adds PlayStation Move support.

The game is a platformer that has you using the titular magic marker to draw platforms and items such as bridges and boxes to allow Max to progress in his adventure. The PlayStation Move will be used to allow players to draw on the screen more quickly and easily. If you want to see it in action, GameFront has the trailer.

Thanks, ShackNews.

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